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The Ash Nazg Shelter Hub will proudly offer uninterrupted support to Pierce County's homeless community:

  • 24/7 emergency services: Our dedicated staff is available around the clock, day and night, to respond to urgent needs and ensure the safety and well-being of individuals facing crisis, in person or virtually.

  • 365 days a year call and intake: Whether it's a rainy Tuesday morning or a bustling holiday weekend, our intake line remains open every day of the year to connect individuals with the resources they need.

  • The Ash Nazg system: incorporated SMS technology to allow instant communications.

  • Continuous client meetings: We understand that challenges rarely adhere to a schedule. That's why our team is available to meet with clients at any time to discuss their needs, goals, and connect them with appropriate support services.

Through this unwavering commitment to accessibility, the Ash Nazg Shelter Hub strives to be a reliable and consistent source of hope and support for those experiencing homelessness in Pierce County.

The Ash Nazg Shelter Hub team is dedicated to providing vital services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness throughout Pierce County. To ensure accessibility and convenience, our staff engages with clients in a variety of settings:

  • Designated Shelters and Homeless Service Providers: We will collaborate with 25 different shelters and homeless service organizations across the county, establishing regular on-site outreach sessions to connect directly with clients in these established support networks.

  • Timely assistance: Real-time monitoring of services and client utilization allows for constant tailoring of the program to the needs of Pierce County.

  • Multi-language support is provided to 13 different languages currently.

Tailored Client Meetings: We understand that each client's needs and preferences are unique. Therefore, our staff offers flexible meeting options:

  • On-site meetings: Clients can visit our dedicated hub locations (25 partner organizations across Pierce County) for personalized support based on client’s preferences and the proximity of the site.

  • Remote support: We offer phone and video conferencing options for individuals who prefer virtual consultations.  Electronic signatures that comply with the Federal E-SIGN act allow for field work. SMS communications work with clients who are nonverbal or have other barriers (including native language).

By providing diverse outreach methods and meeting locations, the Ash Nazg Shelter Hub strives to remove barriers and create a welcoming environment for all individuals seeking support.


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